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Thank you for the lovely comments and feedback for all of us!  🙂

Thanks for the cake. It's very well done. My customer like it a lot and it taste good. Will order more from you in future.
Ms Sureen Tong
Bespoke Order
The cake was beautifully done by Petite Bakehouse. It was good sight n I would really like to thanks Mrs Chua (Sophia) for her hardworking n efforts.
Ms Suuary
Bespke Order
PetiteBakehouse helps me to make my wedding cake into a lovely wedding cupcake tier.. the chef takes pride in her work... her pastry is juz like a piece of edible art.
Ms Gay Shu Zhen
Wedding Cake
Cakes received. It smells and looks good. My colleagues can't wait to taste it. hahaha. Thank you very much! The cakes were good. My colleagues kept asking me where I got it. Elbee loves the cakes. My boss never like this kind but he kept saying this is very good. hahaha. Thanks a lot!
Mr Rueburn
Corporate Order
Thank you for the awesome personalized mortar board bespoke biscuits! Parents were impressed with the design and children took delight in savouring their very own biscuits. Thank you Petite Bakehouse for being part of our memorable graduation event!
Ms Aisha
Corporate Order
Decided to give this a try for my babies' 100th day celebration when I chanced upon the bakery on my way home from work. We totally love the customized cake and cupcake designs. Changed my perception of cupcakes which are usually sweet and nothing else. Will definitely recommend to friends in the future!
Mr Lim Wenhui
Bespoke Order
Once again, thanks so much for your help. The fondant cake looks brilliant and it was a great surprised for my friend, Ravi. Although he's not a cake lover, but he ate a lot and seemed enjoyed it! The fondant was sweet but blended so well with the sponge cake, and it wasn't that sweet at all. He is also keeping some to share with his mum and sister as they will be back from their India trip tomorrow 🙂 It was also an enjoyable baking session, although this round seemed very challenging, having to do piping and cutting the fondants. The piping of the dots and ensuring the consistency was a tough one, but I am happy that I have done that as this made the design more unique and special.
Ms Stacy Lim
Baking Class
I am glad I consulted Sophia from Petite Bakehouse to guide me in creating a customised birthday cake for my boyfriend. He adores it and everyone who has seen it was wow-ed by the cutesy of the cake 🙂 Sophia guided me patiently, offered constructive suggestions through her expertise in this D.I.Y decorating class. Hands-on approach is always the best way to learn. I learnt the techniques of handling fondant and how a cake is visualised from concept to execution. I truly enjoyed the process of decorating and will put what I?ve learnt to create more decorative cakes. Thank you Sophia!
Ms Grissa
Baking Class
My family (minus the birthday girl) signed up with Petite Bakehouse for a cake baking/decorating session. Given that this is the first time we are decorating a cake, it was very daunting task; at least for me. Sophia made this whole experience fun and light. She was very patience in sharing her experience/tips and "correcting" our mistakes. At least, the final product looks very good in my opinion. I would highly recommend this as a family bonding time. Best of all, the birthday girl was pleasantly surprised by the birthday. The guest loved the cake and was asking for second helping. Thanks Sophia.
Mr Errol Yeo
Baking Class
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