Dear Petite's Fans, for feedbacks and comments, please email to sophia@petitebakehouse.com. Thank you so much for taking time to give us your feedback and comments. Looking forward to hear from you soon. :)

Thanks for the cake. It's very well done. My customer like it a lot and it taste good. Will order more from you in future.
Ms Sureen Tong

My family (minus the birthday girl) signed up with Petite Bakehouse for a cake baking/decorating session. Given that this is the first time we are decorating a cake, it was very daunting task; at least for me. Sophia made this whole experience fun and light. She was very patience in sharing her experience/tips and "correcting" our mistakes. At least, the final product looks very good in my opinion. I would highly recommend this as a family bonding time. Best of all, the birthday girl was pleasantly surprised by the birthday. The guest loved the cake and was asking for second helping. Thanks Sophia.
Mr Errol Yeo

Once again, thanks so much for your help. The fondant cake looks brilliant and it was a great surprised for my friend, Ravi. Although he's not a cake lover, but he ate a lot and seemed enjoyed it! The fondant was sweet but blended so well with the sponge cake, and it wasn't that sweet at all. He is also keeping some to share with his mum and sister as they will be back from their India trip tomorrow :) It was also an enjoyable baking session, although this round seemed very challenging, having to do piping and cutting the fondants. The piping of the dots and ensuring the consistency was a tough one, but I am happy that I have done that as this made the design more unique and special.
Ms Stacy Lim

My friend loved the cake that I decorated and we all enjoyed it :). All my friends can't believe it was my first time baking a cake, and I must thank you for your patience to guide me through on Friday. I don't think I can make such a lovely cake without your guidance. The whole piping process was really fun too!!! And I look forward to my next cake making session soon?
Ms Stacy Lim

Love the mothers day cake, red velvet flavoured is soooo nice!!!! Thanks for making our day so sweet!
Ms Genevieve Chin

Decided to give this a try for my babies' 100th day celebration when I chanced upon the bakery on my way home from work. We totally love the customized cake and cupcake designs. Changed my perception of cupcakes which are usually sweet and nothing else. Will definitely recommend to friends in the future!
Mr Lim Wenhui

PetiteBakehouse helps me to make my wedding cake into a lovely wedding cupcake tier.. the chef takes pride in her work... her pastry is juz like a piece of edible art.
Ms Gay Shu Zhen

Thank you for your yummy goodies. My daugthers and their friends like the macarons and eclairs. They were awesome & delicious.
Ms Ivy Lee

I would never have imagined baking and decorating a rainbow cake... Thank you Sophia, for your patience and guidance during the personal baking session. We had an enjoyable time... And the cake was simply wonderful!
Ms Wendy

I am glad I consulted Sophia from Petite Bakehouse to guide me in creating a customised birthday cake for my boyfriend. He adores it and everyone who has seen it was wow-ed by the cutesy of the cake :) Sophia guided me patiently, offered constructive suggestions through her expertise in this D.I.Y decorating class. Hands-on approach is always the best way to learn. I learnt the techniques of handling fondant and how a cake is visualised from concept to execution. I truly enjoyed the process of decorating and will put what I?ve learnt to create more decorative cakes. Thank you Sophia!
Ms Grissa

The push up cakes (desserts cups) were great too - my team loved them. thanks!
The Party Elves

The client was very happy with the baked goodies - more importantly the children loved them! The cupcakes were DELISH!!!
Ms Aarathi

The cake was beautifully done by Petite Bakehouse. It was good sight n I would really like to thanks Mrs Chua (Sophia) for her hardworking n efforts.
Ms Suuary

Satisfy with the workshop and hand-on is always a plus for me. GREAT! Hope to join a new class soon.
Ang Hwee Leng

Happy with the result of the cake turn out. Easy to understand and I am looking forward to the next class schedule. Thank you Sophia for your patience and guidance!
Christina Choong

Very informative & detailed. Interested in Puff Pastry
Sharon Tang

U were amazing with me! Thank u Sophia.?I had a great time. :)
Yvonne Poh

Whole heap of sweetness from Petite Bakehouse for today's Black & White Thrift party! Thank you Sophia Loy.
Ms Sally Teo

Your food was fantastic. All the workshop attendees loved it - they praised the attention to details and also the yummy taste of petite items. Your little cakes are a delight! And I would definitely recommend them!
Ms Sher-li

Mixed Berries Jam (hand-made) - I really like the chunky bits of the fruits in the jam which makes it more appealing, it's not too sweet which is good and I like the natural sourness of the fruits too.
Mr Rodney Lim

The cupcakes were both pretty and yummy and Trixie was thrilled. We received many compliments from our guests. In fact, one of them who is in the midst of her wedding preparation is contemplating to order from Petite Bakehouse. All in all, the experience was great. Many thanks!
Ms Irene

The traffic light biscuits - the client loved the look of them - who wouldn't!
Ms Aarathi Arumugam

Thank you for the awesome personalized mortar board bespoke biscuits! Parents were impressed with the design and children took delight in savouring their very own biscuits. Thank you Petite Bakehouse for being part of our memorable graduation event!
Ms Aisha

I have used Petite Bakehouse for my workshops twice. For both times, my participants loved the pastries for the variety and taste! The design is also very appetising. Packaging looks expensive, but comes in affordable prices. The owner, Sophia is very accommodating too! There was once the delivery guy was unable to deliver at my specific time. Sophia, herself delivered the pastries. I would strongly recommend her!
Ms Michelle GOH

Halloween's Biscuits - It's very nice, I like it that it's not too sweet!
Mr Tjin See

I bought this fondant biscuits from PetiteBakeHouse for my siblings and this little girl. She was so excited that first, its rainbow, secondly its taste good, and lastly, excited to share to everyone. So after she took her first bite, she was so excited it taste so good!! So she walked around the house, asking everyone to try but 'just abit'. Because its nice, everyone can only have abit. HAHA. So im sure its really good! Im sure to buy more!
Ms Khalya

Sophia, Thank you for the Rainbow Pushup Pop, I love it! The sweetness of the sponge cake and the cream tasted just right and not too sweet at all! I love the presentation of this dessert which really explain the saying "You eat with your eyes first". I find this pushup pop an innovative way to eat and have fun too, will definitely try your other products soon!
Mr Rodney Lim

I am largely happy with the dessert cups which I had ordered. The presentation was very nice and thank you for printing the tags ?Birthday of Summer & Hayley?. I personally did not taste the cakes but from the looks of my daughters whilst they were eating the cakes, your desset cup cakes must be yummy!
Ms Pauline Ong

Hi! Your mooncakes are very good! They also look too good to eat! I love your filling!
Ms Joanne Ho

Hi Sophia...thanks for the help to take my orders...My friend is happy with the rainbow cake and little piggy mooncake today! Thanks...:)
Ms Ping Ping

My Chocolate Butterfly Cake tastes good and I love it. Thank you, Da Yi!
Ms Jing Xuan

Thank you very much for the beautiful cake. Everybody loved it. The top butter cream and chocolate frosting was marvellous. The main surprise was the handle... It was rice crisp n marshmellows!!! In whole it was a superb beer mug.
Ms Suuary

Overall, I was happy with the order (Purple Ombre Cake), and thanks for the help from starts till i get the product. If you are able to innovate the purple cake with yam flavor, I'm happy to order and try again.
Ms Ping Ping

The cake was indeed very nice but the butter frosting was too sweet for some elderly but the young ones loved it including myself. A lot of photographs were taken and surprisingly the birthday girl's theme was pink and purple too it matched very well with the cake. Thank you!
Ms Suuary

I loved Chocolate Overload Cakewiches! Thank u soooo much!
Ms Suuary

Thanks Sophia. Cake was beautiful & taste great.
Ms Celeste

Cakes received. It smells and looks good. My colleagues can't wait to taste it. hahaha. Thank you very much! The cakes were good. My colleagues kept asking me where I got it. Elbee loves the cakes. My boss never like this kind but he kept saying this is very good. hahaha. Thanks a lot!
Mr Rueburn

The clients like the colours of the cupcakes.
Angie, KIGI Catering

Hi Sophia, just wanted to let you know that your cheesecake is just as delicious as we remembered it and your chocolate dessert cup was yummy too, it was moist and not too sweet! We enjoyed them lots.
Joanne Ho

And yes! My very 1st order with you is definitely a very pleasant experience! Those friends whom received the cupcakes from me loved it too. I believe a couple of them ordered from you cos they asked me for more info. :) It's a pity I miss the deadline for ordering a cake for mother's day. :( Its ok. I will order sthg else to make it up for mother's day (am away)
Ms Sherlene

Hi Sophia, Thanks! My customers enjoyed it. Ta pow leftovers. Red velvet & chocolate Oreo were the most popular!
Angie, KIGI Catering

We have nothing but praise for the wonderful services that you provided! From the cake design, to the set-up and the collection, everything was a breeze! Thank you for being so accommodating and of course for the delicious cakes!
Jezmin (On behalf of the bride & groom, who are happily on their way to London for their honeymoon!)

We would like to say thank you to you and the lovely cupcakes that you have made for us! All the guests compliments that your cupcakes tasted nice, the details/theme were cute & most importantly, they love it so much! Thank you for the great work you've done! Hugs & kisses from us <3
The newlyweds, Mariani Maihadani & Nikhail Koh

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your delicious cupcakes. They are moist and the taste is just right. Also not to mention that they look so pretty! Would certainly like try out your other flavors.

Thanks for accommodating my last min order. Its very yummy, thumbs up by everyone who tasted it.
Agnes Ong

Thanks for the email. I think the response from you on the order was speedy and responsive, I liked that. I appreciate that it was prompt. Regarding the cookies, they are quite tasty, will definitely pop by again when I have the chance. Have a good day ya !
Choon Hon

The cupcakes were delicious. Thanks for everything.

My family enjoys eating yr cheesecake. Cheers!

Client was pretty impressed but maybe the printing can cover the entire sponge cake will be ideal. Anyway thanks for expediting this order and hope to have more future business with you.
Kelvin Goh, Project Executive of BlackVine

It was a pleasure talking to you. My name is Rachel Jolene Chua. Your cupcakes are awesome. THANK YOU N I must say it is delicious. Yummy! My favorite of the cupcakes would be Double Chocolate Swirl? Thanks. :)

Cupcakes are nice... personally love the eclairs. Many commented the tiramisu cupcakes are better.
Amilia Tan, Executive Assistant to Le Tuan (Orange)

Thanks, she like the design, was very tempted to eat last night (the vanilla aroma too good ?). Her friends like it a lot too. More excited about the cookie than the exam (haha) Next time we try the cupcakes, the pictures look very tempting.
-Carol Tan

Rank of liking for the biscuits is currant, chocolate chip, oatmeal then peanut. The currant ones is the most well-received. In terms of service, the reply is very prompt which I think is a big plus point. Cos many online bakers are not.
Keryn Lim

I would like to thank you for making such lovely cupcakes! They are absolutely tasty as well! All my friends love it! I highly recommended Petite Bakehouse to them!!!
Ms Cheong

It has been a pleasant experience to render your product and service. Most of my colleagues said that the cup cakes are cute and tasty. 2 of them are interested and asked me for the brochure. And thank you for advising about the flavors to use. I think the brochure and website is professionally and attractively done. I can't think of any areas for improvement. Good job and thanks!
Jackie Cheng

The Choc Brownies (Petite Frudgy Brownie) are a big hit again! In the office, with the kids and with the older folks =) Now the Penang Office ppl wants the Sg folks to bring down cup cakes when they go down next :-) 
Stanley Toh

The Brownies (Petite Frudgy Brownie) are a big hit during the Christmas Dinner! This is a SUPER STAR cupcake =)
Stanley Toh

The Carrot 'n' Coconut Cheezy Swirl Cupcakes was delicious and very presentable.
Charmaine Foo

The Cheese Cake was a big hit! It's the 1st to go. And this time round, the Banana Choc Swirl was not only moist but also light - it's still my favorite. We have some leftover we had on Monday -- the cup cakes are still very fresh, moist and good. So we had a great breakfast. =)
Stanley Toh

Thanks for the delicious cake pastry and my guests enjoyed it thoroughly. 
Agnes Ong