Our History

Our Chief Baker Sophia Loy

A mother of 4 children and she love to bake

Individually, all her children have different taste buds and preferences for food. She is always looking for food, especially small and nice baked goodies that will please all of them (and herself of course). However, these tasks proved to be quite a challenge and so, she decided to bake for them since she always have interests in baking and cooking. Like most mothers, she started learning how to bake at her home kitchen (which was always full of children) in between the school run.

She signed up for baking classes to learn how to make more delicious goodies. She completed the Intermediate in Baking for bread, cake and pastry in June 2010. In October 2010, She decided to start baking officially in a NEA approved kitchen at Whisk and Fold Pte Ltd. She rented the kitchen and started to create, bake and sell online to satisfy her passion for baking. Her idea was simple: To create petite (small) baked goodies that taste just as good as they look, for everyone to enjoy at any occasions.

With that idea, Petite Bakehouse was ‘born’. All the products at Petite Bakehouse are baked and decorated by hand and each of them is unique (just like her children, she said).

In October 2011, Petite Bakehouse's baking studio is moved to 951 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534714. Petite Bakehouse still operate as an online 'baked and sell' bakery.  The baking studio is shared with one of her baking friend. With more space and time, Chief Baker Sophia can create even more delicious goodies and also started baking classes for all fans of Petite.

Sophia continues to upgrade and increase her knowledge in baking and decorations skills. In July 2012, she is awarded Masters Certificate for The PME Professional Diplomas in Sugarpaste, Royal Icing & Sugar Flowers Modules. With those skills, she applies to all her bespoke goodies to improve the appearance of her goodies to a more professional finish. However, her interest to learn and create still continues.

In October 2014, Petite Bakehouse's flagship shop landed at 326A Anchorvale Road, #01-258 Anchorval Horizon, Singapore 541326. It is located below HDB blocks in residential estate at Seng Kang. Petite Bakehouse specialise in hand-crafted petite bakes that are small, beautiful and delicious. Daily bakes of breads, cakes and pastries. They also customise goodies to meet your requirements.

Small Party Treats that's Satisfying & Delightful

"Petite Bakehouse specialise in petite bakes and we can create bespoke goodies for any of your special occasions. I hope you will enjoy Petite’s goodies as much as I enjoy creating them,” said Chief Baker, Sophia.