Welcome to Petite Bakehouse!

Petite means “small” in French.

Petite Bakehouse is a bakery with a NEA approved kitchen. In Petite Bakehouse, you will find cakes, pastry and bread that come in petite sizes. These are just suitable for children or anyone who likes to enjoy a bite-size of everything from Petite Red Velvet Creamy Swirl, Profiteroles, Tartlets to Petite Buns.

In our Bakeshop, we produce goodies that are suitable for breakfast, snacks, coffee/tea-break, parties and even as gifts. We also bake and create bespoke cakes & pastry, Gift Packages (Gou Da Li, Baby 1st Month, Wedding Favours, Corporate Gifts and special theme parties).

Petite Bakehouse products do not contain pork, lard, alcohol and are made with Halal-friendly ingredients.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Bakes To Bond • Share Your Love


To create and bake goodies that taste just as good as they look, for everyone to enjoy
A place to learn, bake, eat and enjoy with your loved ones and to satisfy your sweet cravings